Communications design for websites, animation, and print.
Content strategy and branding.

Marketing is a challenge for any startup, small business or early growth company. It is particularly difficult to find the right marketing resources for products that may be highly technical and esoteric.

Slant Communications has extensive experience creating marketing communications and consumer education for a wide variety of business to business and business to consumer companies. At Slant Communications we start with critical thinking to find creative solutions to your marketing needs. You’ll get big time graphic design, content strategy, web development and branding from a small staff with no empty suits.

Slant Communications, big answers for small business.

Slant Communications Websites

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly WordPress Websites

The hardest working component of almost any companies’ message and brand is the website. With superior copy, responsive design, interactive content, and search engine optimization your online marketing will make a big impact.

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Animation and Motion Graphics

When visitors actively participate with your site, they retain more than when they passively read your message. Explainer videos, online games, quizzes and animation can add to your story in a compelling way.

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Digital, Print and Infographic Design

An old medium with a new purpose. Whether it’s ads, brochures or direct mail, print communications still matters. It delivers your message to your audience in a more tactile and memorable way.

See some examples of our digital and infographic design.