Digital and Infographic Design

Digital and Infographic Design2018-10-17T17:03:23+00:00

Digital Design and Infographics

When you need to explain an idea quickly and simply, Slant gets it done.

Slant – infographics and motion graphics.

Michigan Education Rank2018-10-17T16:08:19+00:00
West Michigan Waterways2018-10-17T15:54:39+00:00
Healthcare Risks and Biometrics2018-03-07T22:18:15+00:00
High Rise Fire Safety Infographic2018-02-21T02:00:08+00:00
Fire Sprinkler Trade Ups for City Planners2018-02-21T01:50:50+00:00
Healthcare Risks and Biometrics2018-10-17T15:49:27+00:00
Guns in America2018-10-17T16:07:00+00:00
Home Fire Timeline2017-11-21T20:34:53+00:00
Home Fire Sprinkler Infographic2017-10-09T22:03:48+00:00
Explainer Video Marketing2017-10-09T22:03:48+00:00
Health Assessment Risks2017-10-09T22:03:48+00:00
Organic Search Infographic2017-10-09T22:03:48+00:00
74% of Homeowners want Fire Sprinklers2017-10-09T22:03:48+00:00
We worked with Slant to redevelop our website and they did a great job. They understood our needs and executed against them. At the end of the day it's about delivering for your clients and we know they did. We know this because our clients tell us how much they love the site. Thanks Slant.
- Roan and Black Contemporary Art Gallery
I hired Slant for a new website, which was completed in an professional manner. They discussed all aspects and details of the website to ensure that it included everything necessary for with my business. I would recommend Slant to anyone who is interested in web design work.
- Mike Gustaitis, Wine Sellers of Saugatuck