WordPress is not just for blogging anymore. It is the most popular platform for producing websites that use a CMS (content management system). According to w3techs.com, "WordPress is used by 60.0% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 21.4% of all websites". 


There are many reasons and advantages to using WordPress. Number one, it’s open source, meaning your website isn't built with proprietary code that would make it difficult to change developers or hosts. WordPress provides a rich array of features that previously were difficult and expensive to implement. There are many beautifully designed templates available that include responsive design to make your site mobile compatible. Javascript libraries included in many templates can add animation and interesting interactive effects to your website. There's also a huge number of plugins and widgets that add functionality like ecommerce, visitor surveys, contact forms and social networking. This allows a powerful and beautifully functioning website to be built for a fraction of the price of doing it from the ground up. WordPress is very scaleable, large companies like Best Buy, Forbes and Mashable are using sites powered by WordPress. You can view some Notable WordPress Users on the WordPress.com website.


WordPress also has the advantage of a backend that's easy to use. With a minimum of training, and some WordPress tutorials we have produced, our clients have no problem keeping their websites up to date with very little help from us. 


Many people with basic computer skills can build their own websites. WordPress developers can customize the look of the site and apply your branding. Because we have years of experience with WordPress, html and CSS coding, we can produce a site that fits the exact needs of our clients. We work with specialized WordPress developers who can add and configure functionality that might not be available as a plugin or widget. WordPress can be installed by hosting services, but a deeper knowledge of the backend and server configurations is sometimes needed to keep everything running right.

For your new or revamped site, WordPress may be just the thing you’re looking for.