So, how ya doin’?

You don’t even have to google it to become familiar with Google Analytics. Every SEO program starts with the analytics, and every website should be set up with an analytics account. This gives you the information you need on demographics, what content attracts the most attention, what devices and browsers are being used, and how well an e-commerce site is converting sales. This allows web designers and marketers the ability to tweak content and user experience.

The amount of information available by creating an analytics account is outstanding, but depending on what your expectations are, may not be enough. There are a number of 3rd party vendors that may have SEO products more specific to your needs and more depth to their data. We also recommend a search engine marketing campaign to boost traffic. This may involve boosting organic search by building links and boosting credibility with quality content. Or it may be that you need pay per click advertising or paid ad placement.

Every web redesign should involve a SEO strategy. This strategy will be dependent on the goals of your organization and the marketing objectives of your website.