Scan some life into your print campaigns

QR Codes

You are starting see them everywhere, what are they? QR codes (Quick Response) have been used in Japan for over a decade but are now becoming more common in the U.S. QR codes give your print and display advertising interactivity by linking directly to a web page, text, phone number or SMS. This requires users to have an app on their smart phones. As the codes become increasingly common, so will the number of users with the appropriate apps.

If the code is being used in an ad campaign, send the user to a web page specific to the product or service you are advertising. Follow the specifications, they typically need to be at least 1″ square to be read by scanners. Also make sure the web page they are sent to is mobile friendly.

QR apps and code generators:



Kaywa is a QR code generator that can be customized to integrate logos and graphics.

Social QR codes can also be created to “Like” your Facebook page or increase your number of followers on Twitter.